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NEW YORK TIMES: Brazil’s Pied Piper of Street Art

“The ebullient artist is the subject of the new documentary… ‘In terms of productivity and energy, he is really a quite brilliant and facile artist, a Pied Piper who can get people to follow him,’ said Ricardo Barreto, for many years the executive director of the Urban Arts Institute at the Mass. College of Art and Design… Though focused on Mr. Borba, the film also meditates on the nature of the creative impulse, and has attracted the interest of artists of all sorts. The actress Debra Winger, who was so impressed by the film at an early screening that she signed on as an executive producer… called it ‘a wormhole into another world, one that we ought to know but don’t.’”
– Larry Rohter, The New York Times 

‘Bel Borba Aqui’ provides a grab-eye view of the artist,0,3190244.story

“stirring visuals , a vibrant score and an infectious, in-the-moment spirit.”

By Gary Goldstein

Burt Sun and André Costantini’s debut film follows a prolific artist leaving no blank wall unpainted in Salvador, Brazil.

“Endearing doc focuses on the pleasure of creating over the rigors of artistry. The debut film from Burt Sun and André Costantini will charm many arthouse patrons, though some highbrow-leaning art lovers will find the subject unworthy of such attention.”

by John DeFore

“mostly upbeat, often humorous. Both art and artist are outsized and entertaining!”

 — by Walter Addiego

HuffPost Arts Interviews ‘Bel Borba’ Filmmakers Burt Sun and Andre Costantini

“When I think of any artistic movement in Salvador, I automatically link it to Bel Borba.”

Brazilian Artist Bel Borba’s Magnificent Obsession With His City Captured in Documentary

“Eloquently photographed by Andre Constantin with expressive use of tracking shots and dissolves, it’s a vibrant tribute to a prolific folk artist. In keeping with the art form that made his name in the northeastern Brazilian city, the movie is a visual and aural mosaic cemented by traditional Bahian music.”
– Graham Fuller,

“Exhilarating, dazzlingly colorful portrait of an artist”

-By David Noh, Film Journal International

“Art of the most joyously accessible, truly creative kind is featured in BEL BORA AQUI. (The artist) turned his entire town of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, into a living, breathing one-man show. The film is an exhilarating ride through Borba’s world, filled with color, yummy-looking food he naturally whips up himself, and throbbing, vibrant local music. Refulgent with a pure love of humanity, Bel Borba represents the exact opposite of the artistic spectrum form the traditional tortured persona of a Jackson Pollock.”
– David Noh, Film Journal International

“freewheeling and spontaneous, and most alive when it’s showing art being created. Great soundtrack!”

-By Cheryl Eddy, SF Bay Guardian


Brazilian Artist and Two New Yorkers Transform New York City

“Practically a montage of color, music, and Borba’s constant laughter …”

“directors Burt Sun and Andre Costantini, along with the exuberant Señor Borba, can show people….”

By Chris Packham

showbiz chicago

” Burt Sun and André Costantini’s Cinematic Celebration of “The People’s Picasso!”

by Michael J. Roberts

” This fascinating documentary directed by Burt Sun and Andre Costantini focuses on Bel Borba, –this artist picks up the energy and rhythms of a place and then works with his instinct and intuition to spontaneously create something new and different to draw out the drama, color, excitement, and diversity of urban living.”

By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat


 “An Artist Hero Paints a City’s Streets”

–Bel Borba Aqui,’ a Documentary in Salvador de Bahia

“Bel Borba Aqui” gives us plenty to look at…”



Bel Borba Crosses the Line

“making installations-with a spontaneous spirit!”

by lisa stahl

“Not unlike an urban Andy Goldsworthy. Borba speaks with keen perspicacity about embracing Bahian folklore.”
– Sam Adams, Time Out New York

“Vibrant! Ceaselessly creating, as lively at rest as in motion, the artist dominates the docu, his self-explanatory narration filling out all audio spaces not already occupied by strains of Brazilian folk music as well as compositions created for the film, some by helmer Constantini himself.”
– Ronnie Scheib, Variety


Muralista baiano cria intervenções nas ruas de NY nas-ruas-de-ny.shtml

E Bel Borba fez a América

O sucesso em Nova York de um artista baiano quase desconhecido em seu próprio país,e-bel-borba-fez-a-america,945263,0.htm

”  This is an absolutely amazing film, that captures the soul of Bel Borba, the soul of Salvador, the soul of Brasil.  “

—  Elizabeth Carvalho é jornalista, editora-executiva e repórter especial da Globo News

“que olhar lindo você tem!  Que maravilha aquelas esculturas de ferro que submergem no mar da Bahia e retornam depois de sua queda no mar, com a superfíce transformada pela vida!  É pura poesia!”

—  Elizabeth Carvalho é jornalista, editora-executiva e repórter especial da Globo News


‘Bel Borba Aqui’ entertaining look at eclectic Brazilian artist

“Bel Borba Aqui” is an uplifting, highly enjoyable film about an artist whose personality is as engaging as his work, which grabs the eye on film and makes you want to see it in person.


First-time directors provide a day-in-the-life look in ‘Bel Borba Aqui’Bel Borba Aqui’ entertaining look at eclectic Brazilian artist

“The film itself is put together like a cinematic mosaic. The first time directors, Sun and Costantini, meld various stills of the city, Bel Borba and his artwork together with Brazilian music. The cinematography is beautiful and does well to keep the viewers as entertained as Borba is with his own works.”

 By Emily Kuklinksi

“I was totally inspired by not only its subject, but by the filmmaking itself. The music, the editing, and the lyricism that shoots it full of life was a total joy. Most importantly, it is evocative.”

— Debra Winger

An act that invites participation for the joy of the whole community!

–  Amanda Kehrberg    Phoenix New Times

What a inspiring film!”

–     ARTSALOT,  San Jose

an awe-inspiring documentary!”

–     Eydie Mendoza, Silicon Valley Latino

“ A captivating film & An Inspiring artist !

–     KSJS 90.5 FM – Ramon Johnson

”  a film with stunning cinematic beauty, vivacious music and excellent storytelling to portray an eccentric Brazilian master artist.  Like Gaudi to Barcelona, Spain; Bel Borba to Salvador, Brazil, both made an unprecedented imprint to their beloved city.. one of the most mesmerizing and must see documentary films this year. “

—  Shau-lee Chow, Voice of America

“Evocative soundtrack and breathtaking cinematography!”

—  Valeria Sasser , SF Examiner

 “Amazing work.”

–Susan Motamedproducer of  Independent lens

” This is a pleasing picture of a well-spent life “

— Richard von Busack , Metro San Jose

“Every art student should see this film!”

—  Robert Woodruff

“ an inspiring and visually gorgeous film!

—     Jennie Amias, Producer of PBS – Now

The Times Square Alliance Public Art Program: Bel Borba


artista brasileiro faz sucesso em Nova York



我,美国人: 摄像机背后的艺术家: 孙念凯

Timbó confere a nova exposição de Bel Borba

Entrevista com o artista plástico Bel Borba.

Several Brazilian events in the Bay Area coming up. Check it out!

Continue reading on / San Francisco Examiner


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