Bel Borba Aqui Latin America premiere at FICCI / Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena


( feb 21-27, 2013) Bel Borba “the Picasso of the people” will be at 53 ° FICCI presenting the documentary about his work and leaving his mark on the city

Bel Borba, considerado uno de los secretos culturales mejor guardados del Brasil, estará en el FICCI 53 presentando el documBelental sobre su trabajo, BEL BORBA AQUÍ, y dispuesto a trabajar con la comunidad cartagenera en la realización de algunas intervenciones artísticas en espacios públicos de la ciudad.

Bel Borba, considerado um dos mais bem guardados segredos da cultura brasileira, vai apresentar na 53 FICCI documentário sobre sua obra, Bel Borba AQUI, e dispostos a trabalhar com a comunidade na condução cartagenera algumas intervenções artísticas em espaços públicos cidade.

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Bel Borba Aqui: become part of Academy of Motion Pictures’s the PermanentCore Collection


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“BEL BORBA AQUI,” Burt Sun and André Costantini’s Cinematic Celebration of “The People’s Picasso,” to Have Special Screenings at Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center Jan. 19 & 21


Showbiz Chicago

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Bel Borba Aqui at MFA/ Museum of Fine Art, Boston.


MFA_RedBlack_Logo1Jan 2nd – Jan 10th. 2013
two more screening on Jan 9th and 10th.!!!!!!!

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‘Bel Borba Aqui’ provides a grab-eye view of the artist,0,3190244.story

“stirring visuals , a vibrant score and an infectious, in-the-moment spirit.”

Hollywood Reporters review:

‘Bel Borba Aqui’ entertaining look at eclectic Brazilian artist

“Bel Borba Aqui” is an uplifting, highly enjoyable film about an artist whose personality is as engaging as his work, which grabs the eye on film and makes you want to see it in person.


First-time directors provide a day-in-the-life look in ‘Bel Borba Aqui’Bel Borba Aqui’ entertaining look at eclectic Brazilian artist

“The film itself is put together like a cinematic mosaic. The first time directors, Sun and Costantini, meld various stills of the city, Bel Borba and his artwork together with Brazilian music. The cinematography is beautiful and does well to keep the viewers as entertained as Borba is with his own works.”

By Emily Kuklinksi


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some reviews/ press coverage on the film!

NEW YORK TIMES: Brazil’s Pied Piper of Street Art

“The ebullient artist is the subject of the new documentary… ‘In terms of productivity and energy, he is really a quite brilliant and facile artist, a Pied Piper who can get people to follow him,’ said Ricardo Barreto, for many years the executive director of the Urban Arts Institute at the Mass. College of Art and Design… Though focused on Mr. Borba, the film also meditates on the nature of the creative impulse, and has attracted the interest of artists of all sorts. The actress Debra Winger, who was so impressed by the film at an early screening that she signed on as an executive producer… called it ‘a wormhole into another world, one that we ought to know but don’t.’”
– Larry Rohter, The New York Times 

Burt Sun and André Costantini’s debut film follows a prolific artist leaving no blank wall unpainted in Salvador, Brazil.

“Endearing doc focuses on the pleasure of creating over the rigors of artistry. The debut film from Burt Sun and André Costantini will charm many arthouse patrons, though some highbrow-leaning art lovers will find the subject unworthy of such attention.”

by John DeFore

“mostly upbeat, often humorous. Both art and artist are outsized and entertaining!”

— by Walter Addiego

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Bel Borba Aqui opens in Santa Fe and San Fransisco on OCT 19TH!!!

San Fransisco: the Roxie Theater / see info / buy tix online

Santa Fe: The Screen / see info


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BEL BORBA AQUI NYC teatrical release / Oct. 3rd

Wednesday, October 3 – Tuesday, October 16@ Film Forum

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Bel Borba named “the ambassador for 2014 world cup” !!!

Bel Borba named “the ambassador for 2014 world cup” among 11 other cultural icons of Bahia.

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support the film at Kickstarter!! ( now till Funding ends: Sep 7, 2012 )

dear friends: backing the project with our gifts! apoiando o projeto com os nossos presentes!

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